Monday, October 24, 2011

Sally Progress

I feel like I worked all weekend on Sally, but didn't make that much headway - like I should have been able to finish the doll over the span of two days. But in reality, I did make good progress. Writing instructions takes me a LONG time, because I don't want to miss anything. And the instructions need to be concise. And the illustrations clear. And the format easy to read. If I'd only been making the doll, she'd be done by now.

I have to admit that the arms and legs aren't actually attached yet. They're just tucked into her dress. I'll attach them for real after the face is painted - no need to have all those arms and legs getting in the way.

I'm currently working on (or about to start, rather) the instructions for painting the facial features. I will try to take lots of photos, and use a color printer for the face painting insert for the final pattern. This will be a class handout, too.

So what's left to do: face painting, doll assembly, hair, hat, sign. And maybe a stand of some sort.

I've asked my friend and co-worker Danielle to test the final pattern for me, and I trust her to let me know what needs tweaking or fixing. It's good to have friends like Danielle (thanks, Dani!).

After that, I'll make one more doll - following the pattern and instructions exactly. This third doll will follow the red, white and blue guidelines for May's class (and now that I've organized my fabrics, I should be able to find something suitable WITHOUT buying more fabric.)


Rhissanna said...

I love the tilt of her head. Thank you for letting us see her as she emerges.

Unknown said...

Yes thanks for sharing your progress, Deanna. I too really enjoy your work. That dress is so very pretty! love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Thuis is a lovely doll. Love her dress...tilt of head...

Rhissanna said...

lols! I was just going to go in and wish you a merry Christmas, too!