Monday, June 3, 2013

Life Book 2013 June Lessons

This art journal page lesson was taught by Tam Laporte. Lots of fun! The cat looks like our Arthur, though you'd never catch him in a dress.

I had fun with this lesson, taught by Kelly Hoernig. The advantage of drawing just one eye is that you don't have to make a second eye that exactly matches! I mucked up my stencil, so added a butterfly to hide my shame.

This week's lesson is by Michelle Kral (Mitsi B). It's a large panel page - 6 watercolor sheets taped together, that will be folded into the journal. Below is side 1 of 2.
Below is side 2 of 2:
With a close-up of what the top page will look like once folded (actually, turn that up on its side and that ill be correct):

I just finished Joann's lesson this morning (7/17), though I may decided to add some gel pen embellishment to the stencil area. It was a fun lesson, but not my favorite.
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