Monday, July 15, 2013

Hoffman Progress

Today's the absolute last day I can send my Hoffman Challenge doll Priority Mail and have her make the deadline. I still have so much to do on her. I'm pretty sure I'll be spending a small fortune to send her Express Mail...again. Thank goodness I pulled out the application form, or I wouldn't have known the deadline is much earlier this year!
In working on her costuming, I had absolutely no end goal in mind. I've just been adding pieces here and there and seeing where it goes. I'm quite happy with the fabric bead embellishment. I bought some Skor tape from Joggles, and thought using it to make beads would be far superior to using glue - what a mess that would have been! Before starting this doll, I'd been planning to have my grandson Ivan make a beaded necklace for his mommy, and had the epiphany about the tape while brainstorming this craft project. 
I'm not sure what I'll use for her hair yet, or what kind of shoes to give her. My next post should be the finished doll - check back again!
For any dollmakers with Hoffman dolls - please send photos to me at to have them featured on my dedicated Hoffman pages:

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