Monday, July 8, 2013

Life Book 2013 July Lessons

Just finished this lesson today, taught by Tamara Laporte. I may still add a life ring to the boat, but am still thinking about it.

 This one by Jane Davies was really be out of the box for me! Not my favorite, but it's done.

This lesson presented by Danita. I had fun with watercolor paints - though I need TONS of practice. I ended up using some flesh color acrylic paint to touch up her face, and colored pencil to outline some of the elements.

This fun fast journal page was taught by Dina Wakley. Since taking this photo, I added a translucent yellowish border around the outer edge. The figure in the center was made from a home-made stencil, the silhouette from a Google image.

I finally finished this last lesson of July (in mid August). Taught by Jeanette Maisy House, I learned some new techniques. I really enjoyed this one.
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