Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I think it's a boy

I've been working a bit each day to tweak my recent WIP. In one of my last posts I was complaining about the length of the doll's torso, so I did some surgery. A little liposuction and ladder stitch all the way 'round the body did the trick, shortening the torso enough to make it look less disproportionate. I'll have to add a notation to this vintage pattern so I can make corrections just a tad next time.
I've added a little more paperclay to the head, too. I'm thinking this doll should be a boy, but will know for sure after painting is done. I'm going to do a cloth-over to make him more durable. He'll probably be dressed in a shirt and overalls.

His face looks dirty in this photo, because I'd sketched some eyes and lips in pencil which got smeared as I added more clay and water. And I see I need to clean up some of the paperclay on his hands.

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