Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Next up... this Chase doll *thing*

Now I'm moving on to a doll made some time prior to 2011. Because back in 2011 I posted that I was going to finish it, and I never did. I made progress back then, though, adding some paperclay to the hideous little face. Now that it's had ample time to dry, I'll be adding more clay and refining the features.
As I said back in 2011, the body of this doll seems disproportionately long. I suppose I could cut a slit in it, remove some stuffing, and sew a tuck all around the waist to shorten the body. But that seems like an awful lot of work without the guarantee that it'd look decent.  

Here's my original post from 2011, and if you follow the link you can see a photo of the face before the paperclay was applied:

The pattern I used is a very old one - Butterick No. 331, patented in 1898 (or 1899?)  It was supposed to create a Martha Chase like doll. I'm using the pattern for the 16 inch doll, but so far it's about 18 inches tall. All torso, apparently. Maybe I will do a little surgery.

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