Thursday, September 20, 2007

Diamond Lake, Oregon

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We got home Sunday afternoon, after having participated in Cycle Oregon's 20th Anniversary week-long ride. The scenery was spectacular, and some of the days were pretty tough. I'm happy to announce that I didn't ride the SAG wagon, 'tho may have been tempted once or twice.

Day 1 was 60.5 miles, Sisters to La Pine
Day 2 was 92.5 miles, La Pine to Diamond Lake
Day 3 was (optional) 59.8 miles, Crater Lake
Day 4 was 88 miles, Diamond Lake to Dorena Lake
Day 5 was 55.5 miles, Dorena Lake to Oakridge
Day 6 was 65 miles, Oakridge to Rainbow
Day 7 was 45.5 miles, Rainbow to Sisters

And of course, there was much climbing. Thousands of feet, and sometimes 8-9 percent grade. I did it, but had a pretty good internal whine going. I did NOT opt to do the Crater Lake ride on Day 3 - I've done it before, and instead enjoyed the beautiful Diamond Lake, pictured below, with Mt. Thielsen in the background. I've got more Cycle Oregon (and doll) photos here:

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