Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I finished my centerpiece dolls yesterday! I'm so glad to have that done, although I still need to make hangtags and placards for the table drawing - that probably represents a good half day of work yet.

The night before last as I was drifting off to sleep, I ruminated about the centerpiece chair issue. I came up with a solution (pretty ingenious, I think). You know how some dolls tend to tip backward when seated? Well these dolls do that. So this is what I made - a folding seat. They were fast and easy to make and will require very little space in my suitcase. If the dolls are seated on a flat surface, their legs will extend out in front of them. If the seat is placed on a shelf (or column, small box, etc.) the legs will dangle. I plan to make several sizes for my seated dolls. Viola Ruth (Alabama Baby inspired doll) is a great example of a doll that could use one of these.

Today I need to get started on my Hoffman Challenge doll. I've been receiving photos of doll entries from a few people (thanks!) but I could sure use more! These dolls are featured on my website. The Hoffman site only pictures the winners, but I like to see as many dolls as I can - so send photos to me! (refer to the link above to learn where to send them).


fiddlestixstudios said...

How clever Deanna!They look very professional!PLEASE share pics of your adventure when you get back!

Sharon-NZ said...

Very clever, and thanks for hosting the pics of the hoffman dolls I love to see them all

Karen Mallory said...

Must feel great to be finally finished with the dolls. The little folding chair is a fabulous idea!! I am sure everyone is going to be thrilled with the table decor!!
hugs Karen