Monday, September 21, 2009

Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge, WiP

It's gorgeous in Astoria today. After finishing my cup of coffee (ok, I might make another), I'll be working on my Treasures of the Gypsy challenge doll. I've got her basic clothing done, but still need to make her shoes. Then all that's left is hair and embellishment. I'm using my "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern for this doll.

Her clothing is completely removable. Her underskirt is made from silk - an old sari purchased on eBay. The fabric is thin, so her unders are made from the same silk - if I'd used something else, they may have shown through the skirt. The other fabrics are those I purchased (or came with my TOG packet) from Pamela Armas.

I've got a lovely piece of brown Tibetan lamb that I'd like to use for her hair. I'll draft a basic wig pattern using a paper towel first, darting it to get a good fit. As this is an all cloth doll (that is, not covered in Messy Mix and paint), I'll ladder stitch the hide/wig in place.

The last thing I'll do (and the part I find most challenging) will be the embellishment. I've got a lot of doo-dads from Pamela - some from this year's packet, some from other years. Wish me luck!


Kate said...

She is lovely Deanna. I love the mix of blues. I've never entered this challenge, maybe I should one of these days. Although I probably wouldn't send the doll but the fabric and doodad challenge would be fun.

Unknown said...

She is beautiful and I've already seen the wig! She is gorgeous! I just love your dolls.
Looks like I'm going to have to save up and purchase one!