Sunday, March 11, 2012

Harvest Moon

 Before starting the costuming on my group challenge (storybook) doll for MAIDA, I needed to get the faces painted on a couple Harvest Moon dolls. One head/body will go to a customer ~ she will pick the one that appeals to her and finish the doll. I will finish the other one, though I've yet to consider the fabric for her costuming (maybe something from the fat quarter bundle I just bought?)

I've also got to make revisions to my Suffragette Sally pattern instructions (thanks to Danielle for proofing and testing). It's a perfectly dreary day outside - just the right kind of day to work in the studio.


Sue said...

Sweetest lovely expressions with such beautiful eyes!

Rhissanna said...

These are really lovely faces, so calm and sweet. I love the translucent blush on their cheeks and the noses. (You really do make amazing noses. It will be interesting to see which is picked and which one you get to keep.