Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Auction Santa

As this blog entry posts, my annual Santa is probably being auctioned off at our Emergency Department Christmas Party / Charity Auction (no sneak peaks were allowed, so I post-dated my post). This guy was made from my own "Sleepytime Santa" pattern (available as a traditional paper pattern or e-pattern on my website).
Our party is always a favorite. We've held an auction for many years now, and the proceeds go to needy patients and families we identify through our daily work in the ER.

This year, my husband and I along with another friend are playing music - acoustic instruments this year instead of the whole rock band (it's just too hard to get everyone together to rehearse). Of course, I've been battling some sort of respiratory crud, so I hope I can lose the frog in my throat!


MaryC said...

YA for acoustic instruments! I learned hammered dulcimer 3 years ago - it's been a very positive 'life changing' activity for Freeman and I!
What instrument are you playing?

Rhissanna said...

Sorry about the crud! There's a lot of it about on Blogland (so much so, I'm beginning to suspect it might be an interactive computer virus...)

I love this Santa. He looks so warm and comfy, as if he'd just got home and was about to sit down to his own milk and cookies.

Deanna Hogan said...

Now I'm working on a Santa doll for my brother and sis-in-law, from a Gail Wilson pattern.

Mary ~ Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Getting ready for Christmas and all that! I play the guitar, a little mandolin, accordion, keyboard and I even have a hammered dulcimer my husband made for me quite a few years ago. I haven't played that for so long, I need a refresher! I'm actually playing a lot more accordion lately - it's a great acoustic instrument that can double fiddle parts, keyboard, flute, etc.