Monday, March 23, 2015

Finished a doll today!

This week I took a break from my Life Book lessons and made a doll. I cheated a little (i.e., didn't start from scratch), by using a partially done demo body from the Verity class I taught a few years ago.
Verity's clothing is from a fat quarter bundle from moda, called "miss kate" by bonnie & Camille. Lots of really cute fabrics!
I think I might start a second doll today.


Unknown said...

Awesome! Great looking doll! Go on and make another ❤

Rivkah Mizrahi said...

Deanna, she is so pretty. Every one is more beautiful than the last.
Life catches up with us sometimes but dolls are always waiting for us when we are ready :-) I hope this is the first of many more for you :-)


Sherri Farley said...

She is a lovely dolly! Love those colors.