Thursday, November 19, 2015

Making Prints

I spent a good part of the day making prints of some of my journal pages, for a little art/craft sale at the hospital. The organizers of the sale want to feature some of the employees' creative outlets. So I'm going to try to bring some prints, cards, maybe a doll or two, and perhaps doll patterns.

I hope to sell something, because I need to justify buying that expensive printer that uses expensive ink. My pages are all pretty color saturated, so I do go through quite a bit of ink.
I'm also working on a Santa doll to take to the sale. This time I started with Santa's nightshirt to better photograph the steps for a couple of doll makers making some for Christmas. I used some flannel I had on hand (green), so I went to the fabric store yesterday to buy more. Can you believe they only had ONE red plaid that was suitable?

1 comment:

Jan Conwell said...

I can believe it. They don't stock with doll makers in mind. :)