Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pumpkinhead Progress

I've been working on a couple dolls simultaneously. One is an Alice in Wonderland doll (see earlier posts), and the other is a Pumpkinhead sculpted from Paperclay. Boy, I'm really out of practice (not that I was every very good!). I've still got a lot of refining to do, and add a stem, of course.
I've got her dress fabric picked out, and her arms and legs are sewn and stuffed. Now I'm just waiting for the clay to dry before sanding a bit more.
October 23
A little more sculpting today. Once dry, needs sanding.

While waiting for the Paperclay to dry, I picked up an unfinished pin doll I started at least a year ago. I haven't made a pin doll in a very long time:

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