Monday, June 26, 2017

Counting Down to ODACA Day

Just a little over a month 'til ODACA Day and the UFDC Conference in Orlando, and I'm trying to take advantage of any free time to make some dolls to take with me.

Currently, I'm working on two Viola Ruth dolls. I haven't made this particular doll since 2012 when I used this pattern for my Hoffman Challenge entry, and 2008 before that.

I'm still refining their heads while I begin sewing their clothing. Their faces (and the back of their heads) are made of polymer clay. These pieces sandwich the stuffed cloth head, and paperclay fills the gaps. The head on the left is a little over-baked, but better than undercooked. Polymer clay that isn't completely cured can disintegrate over time. When I'm satisfied the smoothness of the paperclay, the heads will be covered with knit fabric, then painted.

Afternoon Update:

I spent several hours sewing the pinafores. Dresses and bloomers remain, but I think I'm done for the day.

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