Sunday, November 3, 2019

On the Drawing Table

It's been awhile since I designed a new doll. I also haven't used air-dry clay in a while, either. So I thought I'd combine both. My plan is to make a basic doll shape, then cover the head with Paperclay to sculpt a simple face. The head and upper chest will be painted.

My first body prototype is too tall and thin. This was accentuated by the direction of the fabric stretch, so I tweaked the pattern a bit for #2.

I wanted a slightly higher waist, so modified the body a bit to accomplish that, plus slight more accentuated hips (#3).

I won't draft patterns for the arms and legs until I'm ready to start detailing these dolls.
I'm thinking I'll turn at least one of these prototypes into a fae-like character.

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