Sunday, June 5, 2022

Prototype Modifications

 I've made further adjustments to the original three prototypes:

Liliana (Day of the Dead) 
Pippa (Sailor Girl)
Ruby (Izannah Walker style)

The next three prototypes have been exercises in fabric variation and stretch direction.

These two are made from cotton woven fabric with the stretch direction (cross-grain) horizontal on the doll on the left, and vertical on the doll on the right:

I also made one from a knit fabric (craft velour, I think) using a vertical stretch direction. The doll on the left will be Annie Oakley. The middle doll will be Anne of Green Gables. I haven't decided who the doll on the right will be. These dolls are a little smaller than the original three prototypes.

I've made some progress on Annie Oakley. She's now situated on her stand. I made a leather strap for her rifle. Next I tackle her hat. That's going to be a challenge!

Click HERE to see the completed Annie Oakley.

Now I've moved on to Anne of Green Gables:

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