Monday, April 21, 2008

A Visitor Comes Calling

Now what do you suppose he's up to? Looking for the cat food? Surely not - he knows exactly where the cat food is. Raccoons are so darned cute, but such pests around here. Bold as brass. I spied him from my studio window, while working on Verity's arms today. To make her hands, I traced around my own, then reduced it to 30%. Here's a photo of my progress so far. Her shoes have been painted, and I added paperclay heels. The laces are painted. She has a flat bottom so she'll be able to sit. Her knees have buried bead joints.


Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, my, Verity is so beautiful, Deanna! The doll, not the raccoon! Love the knee joint construction. I'm interested in knowing how long you've been dollmaking and what got you started?

Beth H said...

Just beautiful! Her skin is so smooth and pretty after all the trouble you had.

Deanna Hogan said...

Hi Dixie,
Thanks so much! Verity is nearly done now, except she needs some unders. I was going to put buried bead joints in the elbows, until I remembered I was going to paint her arms. Maybe I'll try that if I make a non-painted doll.

I've been making more complicated dolls since about 1999, and simple country dolls before that. I just have a need to make things, and I found dolls to be more interesting and versatile than bears.

Hi Beth,
Well her face isn't so smooth if you look closely. I'll disclose the imperfections when I list her on eBay. Hopefully the new owner won't mind...


craftswithcare said...

Deanna, not only do your hands create beautiful dolls, but they are beautiful too. The doll's hands turned out great with your reduced hand sketch.
Your dolls have such perfection!

Cute racoon.