Saturday, April 26, 2008

How About a Poll?

While I won't have time for pattern development until after the ODACA/UFDC Convention at the end of July, I'd like to plan ahead. I have several dolls lined up for pattern production. Each one takes (me) a very long time to do. I'm polling visitors to help me decide. These are the choices:

1. Felt Angel (will ultimately have a name). Features a cloth covered polymer clay face from a mold. Will work out some sort of improved headdress or halo or something. Wool &/or felt flowers needle-felted on the front. Painted wings are attached with buttons, so the position can be varied a little.

2. Carlie. Very similar to Verity, but is made from knit fabric. Has a needle-sculpted face, breasts, individual wired fingers, and different feet. She has buried bead joints at the elbows and knees. Knitted eyelash yarn hair. Clothing differs from Verity's and is not removable. Wears cloth shoes.

3. Verity. Muslin doll with needle-sculpted face, painted with many layers of modeling paste & acrylic gel medium. Sewn finger divisions. Face and upper chest, arms and boots are painted. Boots have paperclay heels. Buried bead joints at the knees only. Tibetan lambswool hair. Clothing is removable.

4. Grace. Large doll, inspired by Izannah Walker & Helen Pringle. Made of muslin. Face has no needle sculpting. Face and upper chest painted with many layers of modeling paste & acrylic gel medium. Applied ears. Acrylic painted head, upper chest and arms. Wears vintage shoes. Clothing is removable.

5. Adah. Smaller than Verity, Carlie & Grace, made from woven fabric. Has cloth-covered polymer clay face from the same mold as the Felt Angel. Wired fingers. Button jointed at the shoulders and hips. Clothing is not removable. Cover doll will have much different colors, as the fabrics pictured are from the crazy Hoffman challenge.


Northbrook Designs said...

Hi Deanna,
I would vote for Adah or the Felt Angel.... Love the sleepy face look, like they're dreaming of something very special.. Romona

Sandy Mastroni said...

Verity. I love them all but oh I really like Verity !

Sandy Mastroni said...

Deanna I forgot to say thank you for adding me to your blog links .
I added you to mine [ happily ! ]

Carolynl said...

Deanna ... being practicle I would vote for Verity simply because of the many favourable comments you have received as well as the techniques described in the making ... quite different ... I love them all & find it impossible to chose ... I understand why it's time consuming ... such detailed explanation & illustrations in the Averill pattern & pressmold ... I'm hooked ... can't wait to see what you decide ...

Denise said...

While Verity is lovely and has received a number of comments, I am totally taken with Adah!! She is the one that gets my vote.
Thank you for asking