Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Going to the Movies" - Joint Meeting/Luncheon

Patti LaValley and I spent the last two days with friend and artist Jean Peeters and her wonderful husband Fred. One of the doll clubs to which she belongs hosted the annual joint meeting and luncheon near Eugene, Oregon.

The theme of the luncheon was "Going to the Movies" and each table centerpiece (and gifts for those seated at each table) featured a different movie. The table decorations were wonderful and elaborate and detailed and perfect and imaginative.
Our nametags were movie "tickets" with the name of one the of the classic movies featured.

The program speaker was Jonna Hayden, a professional costumer for plays and operas in the Eugene area. What a fun and stessful job that must be. She had examples of her work with her and had us all drooling (see the example above).


craftswithcare said...

Deanna, your doll luncheon sure sounds like a lot of of fun!
The pictures are beautiful! The design and colors of the costume are gorgeous!

We were out all day in is a gorgeous day today..unusually very sunny and warm.I just got back and saw your post. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I have added you to my blog roll. I will keep visiting your blog to see all your wonderful creations!


Lone Pierette said...

WOW - Deanna wish I attended that luncheon too !!

hugs lone

craftswithcare said...

Hi Deanna,

You have been tagged. Please stop by my blog when you get the chance.