Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Red

It's a beautiful Saturday, and I'll be headed to doll club in a couple hours. We'll be meeting at Roxanne's house in Newberg (Oregon). We've met there once before, and her home is lovely.

Our usual meeting place (fire station in St. Helens) is currently off-limits, due to the prevalence of H1N1 influenza. The hope is by preventing outsiders into the facility, the first responders will have less exposure to the virus and stay healthy so they can do their jobs. I can appreciate that. I got my H1N1 shot a few days ago, will no ill effects.
Little Red will be coming to doll club with me. I used Lucinda Durbin's Presbyterian doll pattern, a reproduction based on the original dolls. I had to adapt the pattern a little, as I wanted to try a photo face doll. She still needs her basket, and some sort of hair-do. You can find some information about these original dolls HERE, on Sherrie Nordgren's blog.


Orice said...

The photo face is intriquing in a photograph, but I imagien the effect is quite different "in person". Great work as usual, Deanna.

morecoffee said...

She is really different! Not scary so much as haunting. The face image that you chose is a little wistful, like she suspects that there is some trouble waiting for her in the woods on the way to Grandma's. I love the effect. It makes me think about how young she is and how much that story puts her through. It makes me want to become a woodcutter. ;-)