Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't judge me by my filthy oven

I really want to finish the sculpting my Halloween Challenge doll this evening, so I decided to push the drying process in the oven - the temp is at the lowest setting (170 degrees). I've been building up layers over the past few days and letting them dry naturally, but now it's time to get down to business. Once this is dry, I plan to make the eyes, build up the lips and cheeks a little, make a stem, and make the vertical grooves a pumpkin typically has.

I'm fairly new at sculpting in Paperclay, but I know it's super easy to sand. At this point I'm undecided as to whether the upper chest/back and arms will be orangish, greenish or brownish. I'll have to think on that. Maybe I'll even give crackling another chance - or not.

While I'm not intentionally advertising the Astoria Coffee Company, they do roast some nice beans...


Diane Costanza Studio said...


If your other work is any indication, this paperclay doll will be fabulous! I love paperclay, my medium of choice, it is so forgiving.


Abi said...

I didn't realize you could bake paper clay - I see you use a low temp - how long would you bake it for, I guess it depends on the thickness -

Deanna Hogan said...

Hi Abi,

Drying in the oven works great. I guess I leave the item in 20 to 30 minutes at a time, then pull the piece out to reassess. Of course, it does depend on the thickness of the clay. The clay will sometimes crack if it's really thick, whether drying naturally or in the oven. But that's easy to patch.

With this pumpkin head doll, I've been gradually building up layers and really haven't head much cracking. I think I'm almost done with the sculpting (no photo yet).

Naturally, if drying in the oven keep an eye on things and don't leave anything unattended.


Unknown said...

Pumpkin Head has a GREAT start!!!!!! How lovely your gypsy girl is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do so love your 'insoiration' Doll, and I agree She is a huge inspiration!!!!!