Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Mindfulness" journal page progress

I'm trying to make some way on this week's journal page assignment, because a new one will be coming out tomorrow. The shading still isn't quite right, but I hesitate to mess with it any more. Maybe if I can get more of the rest of the page done I fiddle some more. Her face is watercolor crayon and gesso.
This lesson incorporates some gel medium transfers, so I've been thinking about what sort of images I want to include on her torso - as well as the colors I'm going to use.
Oh, and those four dots of color are bleed-through from a previous page - they have nothing to do with the page and will be obscured by the other layers.


Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

I love the expression on her face. I also love watching your process on these pages. :)

Bernadette Thompson said...

Lovely expression on her face. Could be interpreted in different ways depending on how you finish this. Interesting.
Doll Cherie