Thursday, September 12, 2013

Transfer Failure :-(

I made some progress on my journal page this evening, though I can't say I'm particularly happy with my gel medium transfer. I'd hoped for a little clearer image, so probably should have left the inkjet print  in place a little longer. Live and learn.
Big picture, though, is that I know what the images are/were, and what they mean to ME. I suppose I could have done a TEST transfer, but my impatience got the better of me. One big challenge was making a collage with Photoshop Elements. I'm sure if I did this with any frequency I'd gain some degree of semi-competence.
I may still add some text. Or maybe not. I'm trying to decide if I should work any more on it tonight. Probably won't, as I was up at 0430 this morning. Insomnia sucks.


Judi W. said...

I love it! I think it looks great.

Ann said...

I love it. To me since her eyes are closed and the transfers a bit fuzzy its very dream like. Great job.