Saturday, March 1, 2008


Lydia's vintage style dress and pantaloons are finished (no pattern yet for them, but the doll is made from Aletha "Ike" Putney's pattern in the January issue of Soft Dolls & Animals).
The skirt-overlay is an old hankie, cut in half and gathered. While Lydia's clothing is not removable, if I make another, I will make all the clothes removable.

I'm pleased with her face. This was a direct sculpt over cloth, and I'm still very much a novice. The first three or four layers of paperclay were applied with a paintbrush, thinned down to the consistence of baby food. Then I built up the nose, cheeks, lips and chin.

One of these days (soon, I hope), I will develop a pattern for an all-cloth Izannah Walker inspired doll. I've always loved the IW dolls. I recently got a videotape on eBay, documenting some of the early American dollmakers. Very inspiring, and I can't wait to get started!

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Deanna ,
I LOVE this doll!!!!!!!!!!