Saturday, March 15, 2008

Too Many New Projects

I've had a bit of a rough spell, jumping from one project to another. I just can't seem to settle on one and finish it. I think it's because I've got all these ideas in my head, and want them ALL done NOW. So I work a little on one, then move to the next. You know, sometimes you just need a little break from a particular project.

One of my latest projects is a "Helen Pringle-Izannah Walker-Anne Adams" inspired doll. I'm really interested in the old-school dolls right now. She's a big girl, much bigger than my usual - about 26 inches tall. She still needs her arms.

In this photo, I've painted her head and upper chest in "Messy Mix," one-half modeling paste & one-half acrylic gel medium. This was followed by a couple coats of gesso, and then acrylic paint. Then (for the first time ever), I applied a crackle product. That was one of the hardest things for me to do. What if it doesn't work? What if it ruins the doll? Oh well, it's just fabric. When this coat is dry, I need to figure out what type of wash to apply - dilute acrylic paint (dark brown), or walnut ink, perhaps.

My first mistake was making her from Osnaburg fabric. This stuff was just too loosely woven, and tended to fray. It was also too nubbly for the smoother look that I wanted. The crackle stuff went on a little bubbly, too.

On the positive side, I found some Victorian/Edwardian button-up boots on eBay, and I'm building this doll to fit into them. I still need to finish her arms (and paint & crackle them) and design her bloomers and old-fashioned dress. I have an old worn-out Victorian blouse that I'll use for parts of her dress. It's not really good for anything else, as so much of the fabric is damaged or stained.

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