Sunday, June 29, 2008


While I decided against this body design for the ODACA Day centerpiece dolls, I've been turning the prototypes into one-of-a-kind dolls. Sophia is from one of these prototypes.

Sophia's made of craft velour. She's in a permanently seated position, about 12 inches tall. Her face is needle sculpted and painted in acrylics. Her wig is sewn on and tied back with a black ribbon. Her fingers are wired. Her head is jointed, so it can turn side to side. Her dress is not removable. I really don't like her platform shoes, but they're what I had on hand (I may replace them with something else later.)

I found her cat on eBay, and guessed/hoped it would be the appropriate size for her.

I've got today off, so I hope to dye my Tibetan lamb for the centerpiece dolls. I've been taking progress photos of these dolls and uploading them to my picturetrail site (still password protected at this time). After the UFDC Convention/ODACA Day I'll unlock the album for general viewing.

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