Friday, June 20, 2008


The week is at an end, and I can sigh with relief. It's been a long one. Now I look forward to the next five days off... no set plans, just free and easy. Of course, I'll work on dolls (haven't been able all week.) I should also go for a bike ride or two if the weather's decent.

Tuesday, my husband left for southern Oregon for a visit with his siblings. He'll be bicycling the "Mountain Lakes Challenge" century ride tomorrow, with very little preparation. I told him to call me when he was done. He assured me SOMEONE would call me, one way or the other. Meanwhile, the house has been empty and quiet, and has stayed tidy.

Today is also our 16th wedding anniversary. I got a new wedding band, which I love. What a guy! I got him foul-weather gear for the sailboat. Not romantic, but what he wanted.

Joee from Cart Before the Horse recommended visiting this website, and I just had to post it. The landscapes and photography are to die for.

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craftswithcare said...

A very Happy Anniversary to you Deanna!
Those images are breathtaking! They brought back many old memories...our visit to Nepal for instance.