Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas has finally arrived for the Hogans!

Way back in August, my hubby and I decided to purchase a brand new tandem bicycle - our Christmas present to each other. So we placed an order for a Cannondale tandem. Five months later, our bike has finally been built - Number 1 off the assembly line for 2009!

Today we drove to Portland's River City Cycles to pick up our baby. And she's a beauty! We even managed to get back home before dark, so we could take her for a spin. Limited by daylight, we got a 13.5 mile ride in. Our max speed was 33 on the flat, and it felt like flying.

We already own an entry level tandem, which will be placed on Craig's List ASAP. This one is SO much nicer.

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Orice said...

Have way too much fun, Deanna. Looks almost tempting!