Saturday, April 17, 2010

Working on a new pattern ~ Tombstone Angels

I've spent the last couple days working on publishing a new pattern - one that I started back in October. I think I'm almost there. This angel is nearly done, and will probably be an ornie. She still needs some shading with colored pencil, and possible some detail lines on the wing feathers. I'm not as happy with her overall shape. I think she looks rather bat-like.
This angel is prototype #1. She was designed to fit onto a quilted fabric tombstone. Last night I wrote most of the instructions for the wall hanging. Of course, I had to make a second wall hanging, so I could photograph various steps. Now I need to find a meaninful quote to insert into the frame. HERE'S the frame prototype. 


Dixie Redmond said...

Interesting pattern, Deanna. I love tombstone angels. I agree that the feather lines contributes to the angel effect. :-) But if you want something bat-like for Halloween you've got some flexibility in your pattern.... ;-)

Christine LeFever said...

I love old tombstones and have dabbled in the reproducing of this sort of thing, but that was back when I worked in chalkware (plaster castings to those who don't know what that is), and I love when someone does them in cloth. Yours is wonderful!


village folk art said...

HI Deanna, Great pattern. I am fascinated with these tombstone angels and your design looks very authentic. ;o) Barb