Monday, February 14, 2011

"Soul Restoration" homework

It's been fun working on something different. I've been taking a 6-week online class called "Soul Restoration" by Brave Girls Club. I've been a little bit behind the whole way because my times a bit limited and I tend to over-think everything. But this is a project that can continue on independently. Below are my "Soul House" pages, one of the first assignments.
Today I finished some "Truth Cards," an ongoing assignment. I got started a little late on those, because I'm a ruminator... had to decide how big I wanted them and what kind of a base or template I wanted to work with, yada yada. I really didn't want to use up my expensive Timtex, so found some white chipboard 4X4 inch square coasters on eBay ($7.50 + shipping) for 100 of them. A perfect base for this project.