Thursday, November 3, 2011

18 pages and counting

I'm still working on my Suffragette Sally pattern at every opportunity - which hasn't been as much as I'd like due to my work schedule. But I have a glorious 3 day weekend starting tomorrow, so I expect great things to happen!

Today (while the grand is in preschool) I hope to get the instructions done for Sally's hair. I'd hoped to give my second doll a different hair color than the first doll (just for variety), but the camel roving I used for #1 looks better on #2 than the other colors I've got on hand. The camel roving I have is from camel (duh). The other types of roving I have are wool, and have a different feel - it's less coarse.
The brown on the left is alpaca. The orange is colonial wool. The camel roving is on the bottom right. The other two are merino.

So after the hair is done, all I've got left to do is her hat, underthings (still waiting to be designed), and Votes for Women poster. I'm including lots of photos, which adds to the overall length of the instructions. I'm at 18 pages as of last night (19 if you include the colored face painting insert).

Update, Thursday afternoon:
I got the hair done on doll #2 (plus the written instructions and photos). I also just finished a chemise for Sally #1. Since this is a draft design, I didn't photograph the steps or write instructions, but will for #2's chemise. I've got to scrounge through my lace drawer and see if I can find some sort of eyelet lace to sew around the waist of #2's chemise so I can weave a ribbon through it.


Unknown said...

Oh, I do like the design for the chemise. It's so simple to make; but oh so pretty.

Deborah M. said...

Even if I had the ability to do something like this, I don't have the patience - which is why I'm grateful that people like you will sell their patterns. This doll is lovely.