Saturday, November 5, 2011

Selling Patterns Anonymously?

An online friend of mine sent me a link yesterday, for an eBay auction of one of my patterns: . The auction ends tomorrow, and I was very surprised at the price so far.

There are a few eBay sellers that sell anonymously, garnering higher prices. Sneaky, sneaky. I've been known to cruise eBay's doll pattern auctions, and will often do a search on Google if I see one I like that's going for a particularly high price. Sometimes I'm out of luck, not finding the original artist. Sometimes the pattern is old and out of print. Not the case with this one.

But this reminds me - it's November now, and it's time to get started on my annual Santa doll for our ER Christmas Party and Auction. I think I'll convert this one to an e-pattern.

You can find the paper pattern for Old World Santa (and others) HERE.

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KittyAnn said...

I purchased a pattern from this seller a few weeks ago, it was a direct copy of the original, did not have the photo of the doll on the front, she just made a color copy of the photo. She sells some of the patterns more than once, especially if it sold for a high price. I think what she is doing, by hiding the whole pattern, is very distasteful and unfair to those who don't realize these are not out of print and can be had for their normal price for just a bit of digging via Google.