Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ADO Challenge

ADO (Art Dolls Only) is hosting a challenge for members and non members alike! The first part of the challenge is to pick one or more of the four elements: Fire, Air, Earth, or Water and make an art doll based on them.

The second part of this challenge is a Blog event. The ADO team blog will host this event and it will run from Friday, June 19th to Friday, July 17th.

Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th we will be visiting participants' blogs. We challenge you to make an art doll along with us!

Sign-up for the blog event will start on June 19th and all details pertaining will be posted to the team blog. Any artist is welcome to participate, including non members, so come join the fun!!


Kathy said...

Is the "Art Dolls Only" 4 Elements challenge only for those who have blogs? just wondering...sounds like a lot of fun!

Deanna Hogan said...

Thanks for the comment. I've posted your question to the moderators of the challenge. Check back again for the answer, and be sure to leave me your email address - your profile is set to "no reply" so I can't answer you directly.


Deanna Hogan said...

I've heard back from challenge organizers, after posing the question "has there been a discussion regarding participants without blogs?":

Nicole Johnson stated, "everyone on the ADO team is welcome to participate if you have a blog or not, since I will be posting all our works to the ADO blog, and Facebook team page. Non-members without a blog - well, I don't see why they could not make a doll but no one would see it if they don't have a blog.

I wrote her back, stating: "depending on how many non-members without blogs participate, I could host their photos on my own blog."

So go ahead and make a doll. You can send me your photo and I'll post it here. Or, this might be a good time to start a blog (free, easy) or other photo hosting site like picturetrail.com or flickr.


LaceLady said...

Fabulous, and thanks very much for making time, and making the effort, for us blog-less folk to participate. Already have Flickr, and this sounds like such creative, challenging fun! Kathy