Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Collecting, Part 2

Finally, a chance to post a few more photos - dolls from my "collection." First, are two old Godey dolls, I believe. The doll on the right was purchased for a mere $10, probably because the photo posted on eBay was such a blurry mass that it didn't even resemble a doll. The doll on the left has clothing that is beginning to disintegrate.
Below is a topsy turvy doll, also purchased on eBay - made in Spain, I believe. Their delicately molded heads turn from side to side.Next is a Martha Chase I'd all but forgotten about. She's about 20 inches tall, and in pretty good condition.And lastly, is a rather pitiful 16-inch Chase doll, in need of some significant repair. If the face hadn't been so cute (and the price reasonable), I probably would have passed on this one.
You can visit my "Collecting, Part 1" post HERE, and my Helen Pringle doll (old, but not as old as the others) HERE.

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