Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Penny Doll Challenge

The winners of the Penny Doll Challenge were announced today on the FOCD (Friends of Cloth Dolls) Yahoo group. I was surprised that I was the winner of the advanced category, as there were many wonderful dolls. Second and third place winners in four categories have not yet been announced.
The construction of this doll is very interesting. I chose to make her of doe suede (which is no longer being produced), because the design of the doll gave her a rather minimal chin.
I thought by using this knit, I could pull/push her chin out a little more (it worked, sort of).

Because I planned to Messy Mix and paint the visible portions of the doll anyway, I used an ugly shade of doe suede - kind of a drab gray/taupe.

I bought the fabric for her dress at a quilt shop in Moro, Oregon. Her clothing (bodice and skirt) is removable. And I've just realized that I've not yet given her pantaloons - which I'll do today. Maybe I'll take her to Atlanta with me next month, for the UFDC Convention / ODACA Day.

Here are the winners:
Advanced Category - 1st place [me]
2nd place Judi Ward
3rd place Stephanie Novatski
Intermediate 1st place Rita Hernandez
2nd place Roxanne Sienkiewicz
3rd place Joann (Jody) Kieffer
Beginning 1st place Cindy Alldredge
2nd place Kristy Effinger
3rd place Dottie Beckstrom
33-inch Category 1st place Judy Jacques
2nd place Diane Mansil
Tied for 3rd place Sharon Hall & Pam Davis

If you're interested in joining FOCD, there's a link HERE to sign up at the Yahoo site.

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Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I saw her and knew...giggle....she is gorgeous!