Friday, October 25, 2013

Another BLOG SPECIAL - The Candy Keeper now an E-PATTERN

I spent HOURS today converting my versatile "Candy Keeper" pattern into an e-pattern, and in order to promote this pattern I'm offering it at the discounted price of $7 from now until the end of December. Come January, the cost will revert to $10 (that's how it's listed on my website and Etsy right now).

The entire document is 24 pages long, which includes a cover sheet, supply list, instructions and pattern pages to make these five variations. The container portion of the doll upcycles plastic gallon milk jugs.

candy_girl.jpg (87345 bytes)
candy_annie.jpg (88807 bytes)
candy_scare.jpg (94905 bytes)
candy_witch.jpg (76959 bytes)
candy_santa.jpg (72800 bytes)

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