Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Calling all Hoffman Challenge DOLL Entries

Some of you may have visited my website and know I post photos of Hoffman Challenge doll entries each year (no affiliation). Today I began constructing the pages for this year's challenge. While the fabric is absolutely beautiful, I'm having trouble envisioning the doll. This could be because I haven't really allowed myself time to think about it, with my focus on the ODACA centerpiece dolls. The deadline is coming up (July 25). You can print the entry form from the Hoffman site below.

About the Hoffman Challenge: Every year, a team from Hoffman Fabrics chooses an upcoming fabric design and issues a challenge to quilt, clothing, and doll makers to create original items using the fabric. The entries are juried, and a team of judges chooses the award winners.
Over the following year, selected quilts, clothing and dolls are exhibited by quilt and other fiber guilds, shops, museums, and textile shows across the US and Canada.

So, if you are making a DOLL for this challenge, send me photos of your entry. I'd love to post the best quality photos possible, so please read my post on Photographing Dolls for some pointers (refer to the "Labels" in the left hand column for a link to the post). Large photos are fine, as I can resize them (better too big than too small!).

Please include your name (and other information you want ~ your website, blog, email, etc.). Let me know if your doll is your own design or from another's pattern (include the name of the designer, even if you have "tweaked" the pattern). Include the name of your doll and any special techniques or information. I usually use one or two photos for each entry, but feel free to send me more and I'll choose the most suitable.

If you'd like to see previous years' dolls, visit my website (http://www.blueherondolls.com/) and click on "Hoffman Dolls" from the list. I've participated in this challenge every year since 2002. Because the fabrics are always a challenge for me, I have grown as a doll artist through participation.

Oh, and if you're wondering where to get this fabric, I recommend eQuilter.com (again, no affiliation).

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Orice said...

I can't imagine you have time to breathe, as you work at all your different projects. You are such an inspiration to me and have been, since the moment I met you at "The Castle". The joy that permeates all your work is a light to all of us.