Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whew! My Friday

I'm just home from work, and while today is Sunday, it's my Friday. Now I've got three glorious days off, and plan to screen all calls. It's been SO busy at the hospital. Today en route to work we saw a big cruise ship docked and expected the worst. Cruise ship days can be particularly heinous.

Friday was unseasonably hot here - in the 90s, so we took the boat out on the river where it had to have been 10 degrees cooler. It was lovely. And relaxing. The perfect way to unwind after a very stressful shift. Do I look relaxed?

The next few days must be spent working on the centerpiece dolls for the ODACA Day Luncheon (end of July, Las Vegas). Also on my plate is the Hoffman Challenge, the fabric for which hasn't yet inspired me. At all.

I've also got to finish a wine-themed doll for doll club on June 7th, to be held Roxanne's ( I'm going to call this doll "Meditrina," the Roman goddess of wine, health and longevity. The doll is sewn, stuffed and assembled, but totally naked. Obviously, the costuming and embellishment is what will make her "wine themed." I'd not heard the name "Meditrina" before, but found it on a bottle of wine. Here's the back story: One of my favorite white wines is "Evolution" by Sokol Blosser. It's a blend of nine types of grapes. I discovered Evolution by accident, and loved it so much, turned several friends onto it. The same winery also produces a red medley, called "Meditrina." One of my new converts discovered this one, and I had to try it. I'd highly recommend both.

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Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Deanna,
Nopthing like being out in the water. Perfect way to end your busy work week!
Sounds like you have many deadlines ahead of you!
Would love to see pics of them when you`ve completed them!