Monday, May 26, 2008

A Necessary Break from Dolls

Believe it or not, today was spent on something other than dolls.

My ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) expires this month, so I sacrificed several hours of my day recertifying online. ACLS is a requirement for my job, and I'm fortunate to work at a hospital that not only pays for the course and the hours spent taking it, but also a $100 bonus for each advanced certification. Taking it online not only saves the hospital a little money, but is a HUGE convenience for me, 'cuz I took the class in my jammies and didn't have to drive to Portland!

Then while taking my online course today, I tried to use my pda ~ it has a program with drug information. The batteries were dead. So I put in new batteries. It still didn't work, so I set it aside. About a half hour later I heard a loud SNAP and then a crackling sound. It was the pda! I promptly removed the batteries, which were bubbling with something that looked quite toxic.

After finishing (and passing, you'll be happy to know) the ACLS test, I went to the basement computer to "Hot Sync" my pda (with another set of new batteries) and reload my data. The computer didn't work. I ended up spending over two hours troubleshooting, reinstalling Windows, messing with my pda. After much frustration, everything works now.

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