Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Bicycle Race

We were so nervous. Our youngest son participated in his first race, the Cherry Pie Road Race near Albany, Oregon. He started cycling in earnest this past summer, and has become a really strong rider over the past few months. The photo above was taken at the start of the race. As a new rider/racer, he competed with the Category 5 riders. There were a lot of first time racers, which can make a race more dangerous. Riders in a peloton can bump into each other, wheels can overlap, causing accidents.
Happily, Kyle rode extremely well (photo to the left taken just after crossing the finish line), and is looking forward to his next race. There is a time trial (Jack Frost Time Trial) next weekend, and both Kyle and Husband Chris will participate. Unfortunately, I have to work and will be worrying from a distance.

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