Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pattern Giveaway!

EeeGads! Didn't I just have a birthday? Surely it hasn't been a whole year?
I think this year I'll celebrate the Big Day (the 20th of this month) by having a Giveaway on my blog. This will be my first attempt at such, so I'll have to make my own rules.

Hmmm. Let's say that everyone who wants a chance to win my Hazel the Witch pin doll (or ornie) pattern will leave a comment here. I'll pull three names from all the comments to this post (one comment per person, please), contact the winners for their mailing addresses (please make sure I can find your name or email or blog or something), and send you a Hazel pattern.
The 20th is on Friday, and since I have to work that day (and the next), the drawing will be held at 9 p.m. Pacific Time. That way my old bones can get to bed early.
Hazel is one of my very first patterns. For those that make little dolls, you'll know it takes nearly as long to make one of these as it does a big doll. Have fun with that.


Carla said...

She is so cute! I'd love to have her.

Rosy said...

Oh she is wonderful. I hope I get lucky.

edakid said...

She is cute! I would love to win the pattern.....thanks

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you've been busy. Of course I'd love a chance to win one of YOUR patterns. You're my fave ya know.
Kate Erbach

Northbrook Designs said...

Hi Deanna, Giveaways are easy to do. I did one just before Christmas and will be doing another soon... Thanks for having this and yes I'd like to be in the draw...Romona ;o)))

Kiirsi said...

Happy birthday early! Your dolls are so lovely.

Kiirsi said...

I forgot to give my email address, just in case...kiirsi@yahoo.com

Nita Butler said...

Hi Deanna,

I hope your Birthday is as special as you are! Thanks for the chance to win this cute pattern.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Deanna. Thank you for all the doll patterns you have created for our use over the years.

gran27360 said...

Hi Deanna, I love all your patterns and would love to own the witch pattern too.


Mary said...

"Happy Birthday' and many more .Yesterday was mine .My DGD surprised me with a basket of live flowers .I'd be very happy to win one of your patterns. Mary Mangini

M Dawson said...

She is such a fun doll! Good luck with your drawing and I hope it goes well!

whskr at mac.com

sammypancakes said...

Happy birthday to you ..your doll is so cute...if i win i will make one and send a picture of her to you!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to try my hand at her. Thank you for such a generous gift.

Stella Boyer

Connie said...

Well happy Birthday to you!...and lucky lucky us! Thank you for such a terrific blog giveaway!
connie williams

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! She reminds me of a style of witch dolls that are really popular in the Czech Republic. Makes me miss Prague. Would love a chance to win. Brig (www.BrigaBauble.Etsy.com or "The Mad Crafter" blog on blogspot.com. Thanks!

Patty B. said...

Hope you have a great day on the anniversary of your birth. I would love to have your pattern so I hope, ihope,ihope I win.
Patty B

CAT said...

Hi Deanna and a wonderful Happy Birthday to you. I love yor blog and your dolls. I haven't made a doll yet, but it would be wonderful if my first one was made from Your pattern. I am now a follower.


Denise said...

I think you have this wrong - we're supposed to give YOU pressies! ;-)
Hope you have a VERY happy birthday!

Hazel said...

I wasn't going to leave a comment but I can't resist. . .
My name is Hazel (I usually tell people to remember me by remembering the hazel nut).
Very few comment on Witch Hazel ?
My birthday is also on the 20 th.
But not Feb. but April.
Maybe I should design a doll Hazel nut ? ?

flyingbeader said...

Happy Happy Birthday! May the day be bright & warm & full of good cheer.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Deanna!
I would love to be entered into your drawing for the Hazel Pattern.
Gail Holland

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Deanna! And many more too! Love all your dollies, Becky

Karen said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love all your dolls.
Karen K

Boppingbeth (aka Beth or Elizabeth) said...

Happy Birthday! Your dolls are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Your Hazel the Witch is a really cute little pin doll, and someone I would make and treasure! Thanks for your generosity!
Faery Lady

Karen Mallory said...

Happy Birthday Deanna!! What a great idea! I love pin dolls and have a great collection I have exchanges with friends!
hugs Karen

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Deanna. What a nice idea for your birthday. Cute pattern, too. Hope you have a great birthday and take care.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you.... happy birthday to you... and many more.
Thank you for the opportunity for one of your patterns!
Annie Newby

goodthings said...

What a neat idea to give a gift on your own birthday! Hope your day is happy. Great to have an opportunity to receive the doll pattern.
Georgeann Kreiter

Anonymous said...

Dear Deanna;
Thanks for the directions to the comment section. Again, Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful year and many more productive as the last ones have been. You are a wonderful artist in cloth dolls and your Hazel is also wonderful. God Bless

kiddincat said...

WOW I haven't gotten lucky in a long time, so if you can fix that I would be in heaven! LOL Really cute pattern. \

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,
Hope you don't work too hard

Cindy Alldredge said...

Have a wonderful birthday. Mine was on the third. February birthdays are the best!!

Diane said...

Have a wonderful birthday. I would be honored to have the Witch Hazel pattern. I love all your dolls!
Hugs, Diane

Shashi Nayagam said...

Happy Birthday Deanna, hope you had a wonderful day. You are too generous thanks for so many freebies you have given over the years. I love your dolls very much. Maybe I will get lucky in owning this pattern.

Anonymous said...

Oh Deanna, Have a wonderful birthday. Hazel is delightful as are all your dolls. I only wish I could achieve such talent. I sure would like to be the winner of Hazel.

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet. I would love to win her.
Happy Birthday


maiden america said...

I have read your blog page many times ,have so enjoyed seeing your doll art and admiring your talent. Your kindness of having a giveaway is very nice gesture, celebrating your birthday in a very special way. I was just thinking about getting some new patterns to chase away the winter blues, maybe Hazel will travel to me!
May I wish you a very happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! I have so enjoyed your work in Soft Dolls& Animals and now we are in the same online doll club...Great! I love your dolls and all the great info you give.Love, Sherry Lynn Hutchings

ev.a thompson~ said...

Happy Birthday, Deanna!! Wishing you a wonderfully prosperous and truly artistic new year!!! Not that I would think any different for you... you are amazing and always so busy. Just love your work and find you an inspiration. Blessings and Happiness to you. Love Ev

Baja Betty said...

Holy Cow! Looks like your Witch Hazel is a real hit with all the posts. Would love to have her pattern to make for the upcoming CIFI doll conference in Alb., NM the end of May. If I don't win, where can I buy her pattern? dragonlady2003@starband.net Baja Betty

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. February is full of good people (my daughter being one). Your witch doll/pin is darling. Hope to add her to my collection of witch patterns. Geraldine

LouiseB said...

Happy Birthday, Hope your birthday is as special as your dolls are...:)

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday1 What a lovely way to celebrate. Best of luck to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I love giving a gift to celebrate. Brovo. And a witch at that! Withcy woman? Or oldish, wise, and cronish?

Best Wyncia

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Deanna! May your special day bring you joy and lots of love! Thank you for this opportunity to have one of your patterns.



Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Happy Birthday Deanna,
I came to leave a comment the other day but could not find the right place.I would love to have one of your patterns
judy j

Unknown said...

What a lovely thing to do, Deanna! Give something away to others on YOUR birthday. I like that. :) I'm happy to be included in the drawing.

Patti Durovchic

Dorothy's Doings said...

Early wishes for a Happy Birthday!
I sure hope I win!
I enjoyed making 7 snowmen from your free pattern in December. Thanks, Dot from AZ

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Lady! Thanks for the link to my page. I stumbled on my comments, and had already added you to my page. I'm still feeling my way about. ANywho, Your new pattern is a cutie!(As always!) Enjoy your special day. You're never too old for that!!! jskeel@skeelhaven.com

Unknown said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Deanna!! :o)
Please enter me in your drawing!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I said it already but don't see my post so no hurt in saying it again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and, many more. Most truly, Marjorie
P.S. new dollmaker and would just love to spend time w/this witchy gal.
Thanks for having a birthday and giving us the present!


Judy said...

Happy Birthday Deanna!!!!!! We really should be the ones giving you something.....Imagine all the gifts you'd get from all these comments! :o)
So glad I'm in the pool of possibly winning such a cute pattern. Again.....Happy Birthday!


Unknown said...

Hi Diana and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Of course I would cherish one of your wonderful patterns. I do love your dolls and visit here often...well, I hope your birthday celebration continues with many blessings throughout this year

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!...if I win, your pattern...this will be my first doll, I love to sew, but I never made a cloth doll...I loved it, I admire your work, but I didn't
have a chance..now is my opportunity. Enjoy your anniversary!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today - I hope I am not too late to enter - I will be looking at your blog more thoroughly. God Bless you! - Adrienne


Anonymous said...

Deann Happy Birthday I jsut wanted to tell you how I liked your last doll was planning on taking class at the calico cat but have to work. hope i get another chance to take. Karla Smith