Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool's Day Worm?

I just heard on the news that tomorrow (April 1) may be a bad day for computers, thanks to the Conficker Worm. Or maybe everyone is hyped up over nothing. One site advised disconnecting from the internet tomorrow. I'll be trying to update all the computers in the house - a daunting task, but something that should be done regularly anyway:


Good news ~ Thank you St. Anthony! I found those crazy little hair clips. Don't know how I missed seeing them!


Anonymous said...

I heard about this a few days ago but hadn't made the connection between today and April Fools. Well, I'm still here and my stuff is still here so it all must be okay. (Mind you, I think that I am the only person that I know who had a computer that went down at the turn of the millenium).

coffee maker said...

ironically, to help people from being affected by Conficker, the government could issue a public statement telling people to stay *outside* as much as possible...