Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Online Doll Challenges

I'm working on a doll! I belong to several online groups, and some are sponsoring doll challenges.

The Vintage Cloth Dollmaking Yahoo group's challenge deadline is April 5, with two options. If I can get this one done, I'll be doing the second option, as I've got a WIP that will fit the bill, thereby killing two birds with one stone - participating AND getting an unfinished doll done. I've got an Izannah Walker inspired doll I've been working on for nearly a year!
First Option: To recreate a historic Presbyterian cloth doll using a pattern created by Lucinda Durbin. (Lucinda used her original Presbyterian cloth doll in creating the pattern!!) - you should see the dolls made from Lucinda's pattern - they're great!
Second Option: To create a molded face doll - could be a Kaethe Kruse, Helen Pringle, Izannah Walker , or Lenci type.

The FOCD (Friends of Cloth Dolls) Yahoo group's challenge deadline is March 31. Participants are using Claire Pruitt’s Penny Doll pattern. This is the doll I've been working on for the past several days. I've chosen to participate in this challenge, because I thought this doll would be a great learning experience. The shape of the body is similar to many of the antique/vintage dolls made from leather, with lots of gussets.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your site and your dolls..I just got a blog and I was trying to connect to yours. Mine is www.lynneyale@blogspot.com Also got on clothdoll artistry, and etsy! Wow. Thanks, Lynne in Hillsboro, Oregon

Deanna Hogan said...

Hi Lynne~

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad to see you've got a blog now (I added a link to your blog.) They're so easy to update, and I love seeing your latest projects. Your Dylan doll is wonderful, btw.

Glad to see you've joined cloth doll artistry, too, and Etsy. I'm pretty new to Etsy, too. I've got to get back over there and re-list some stuff.

Take care,