Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doin' the Happy Dance!

Ahhh, I'm home from work and officially on vacation. Tomorrow morning I leave for Auburn, Washington, where I'll be teaching a weekend class at the Calico Cat quilt shop. It'll be good to see my friends from Up North. I'm packing tonight, and assembling kits for the class.

Then next Thursday, I'll be leaving for Key West with girlfriends from work. We'll be staying at Pearl's Rainbow, and NO MEN ARE ALLOWED. Poor Hubby will have to fend for himself here at home, but he'll probably relish the quiet solitude.

We've got all sorts of excursions planned. I've never been to Florida before, and am really excited. I've got my Kindle loaded with some great books. I'll take my little laptop with me, too, and hope for an Internet connection (no, I am not taking a vacation from the Web - do you think I'm crazy??)


Orice said...

Have a glorious time...especially in Key West.

david santos said...

Wonderful!!!! fantastic cards!!! have a nice week.