Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Love Fabric

I really love fabric. It's a sickness. Every year I resolve to NOT buy more, and use what I have in my embarrassingly large stash. But I've done it again.

Patti LaValley and I stopped at Callapooya Quilts in Brownsville, Oregon, en route to our annual Eugene Luncheon. You could say it's a tradition. And right around the corner is a quaint little yarn shop, Brownsville Stitching, where we find fibers suitable for doll hair.

I found all sorts of lovely fabric, and with the design of my newest doll in my head, loaded up on Fat Quarters. Here's a combination I think would look nice, and I just happened to have this upholstery trim (for hair) that coordinates pretty well.
The new design is nearly complete (she just needs her shoes), and then I can get her and the pattern/instructions sent to Doll Crafter & Costuming magazine. Skirt and bodice fabrics are from Callapooya, sleeves and collar are from Lisa Shafer's shop. Striped stockings are from my stash (Yay!).

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Orice said...

Love the colors of your latest doll. And aren't Yarn shops the most glorious of experiences, though. Lucious!