Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday I started packing for my trip to Key West, and I think I'm nearly done. I always pack too much, so I'm going to rethink my clothing choices and eliminate a few things. After all, I have to have space to bring souvenirs home.

I'll be taking my laptop and digital camera. If I have easy Internet access, I'll try to post now and then. Unless I can't tear myself away from the fun (I've promised not to post any incriminating photos.)

We'll be getting around on scooters, and I'm a little nervous about it. I think I'd be a lot more comfortable on a regular bicycle. I will wear a helmet, even though they're not required in Florida. Here's a link to an article about scooter accidents - I'm an ER nurse, so naturally the safety of this activity is what I think about (not that I want to cause you any worry, Mom - and remember, I'll be with another ER nurse and an ER doc).
I also stopped by the ER yesterday and picked up a couple N95 masks. Don't know if we'll need them, but we certainly can't afford to get the H1N1 virus (popularly known as the Swine Flu) that's going around. Who knows how the span of one week will affect the prevalence of the disease. I've got antimicrobial hand cleanser in every bag, as well. I'm really not a hypochondriac, just cautious...


Orice said...

Enjoy the warmth and have lots of fun! Save room in your bags to bring back some sun to our frigid Northwest. LOL

Dixie Redmond said...

I hope you're having a blast!