Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finished Tibetan lamb wig / New Doll

Here's a finished wig, on a just completed "Verity" doll. After gluing the wig on the head (and after the glue dried), I combed the hair out to remove loose strands. This made the hair really frizzy.

Then I saturated the hair with water (I tried to avoid the hide), dried it with a towel, and rubbed a tiny bit of mousse into the hair. I combed it out again and let it dry. All the curls came back. Refer to this post for a photo of the Tibetan lamb just glued to the head ~ truly a bad hair day for this doll!

The mousse may not be necessary, but I think the hair is a little less fly-away with it. I can also spritz it with a little water if it's gotten out of control, particularly after traveling in a suitcase, and fluff it with my fingers.

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