Monday, July 20, 2009


Today's my last day of vacation, and that means I have today to finish my Hoffman Challenge doll. All that remains is the costuming. So I've spread out an assortment of fabrics to choose from. This year's Hoffman Challenge fabric is in the center. I can see that I need to rule some fabrics out immediately.

Here's a preview of my Hoffman entry. I'll choose and apply her hair after the costuming is done. I've got several choices, so I'll just have to wait and see which one looks best.


FlightFancy said...

Such a lovely expression. I truly feel serene looking at her face.

Winter Wanderings said...

Hello Deanna,

I saw your lovely Bella on display at Quilt Festival this past week-end and posted a note about the Hoffman dolls on my blog. Then I thought to look for the makers & surprise-surprise, here you are! I've now added a link to your blog, and perhaps will add a specific link to your collection of Hoffman dolls, with your permission?

many thanks & congrats on a job well-done!

Cathy W (who once made dolls for nieces, now is mom of boys & yet dreams of making dolls again ...)