Friday, August 2, 2013

AUGUST ~ already?! (BlogAlong day 2/30)

I have been negligent in blogging this summer, so I decided to join Effy Wild in her 30-day BlogAlong during the month of August. It started yesterday, so I'm only a day late.

This summer is passing by mighty quickly. Where did it go, and what did I do to enjoy it? Not all that much. Certainly no leisurely getaways to distant locales.
My husband and I did rush off to Portland last week (right after I got home from work), to attend a concert at the Portland Zoo. We saw Randy Newman, who is an amazing performer. 
We have had some pleasant and enjoyable evenings out at the Fort George - you know times when you just don't feel like cooking? I thought you did. Here's a photo from the Fort. The ship caught my attention because it looked so rusty, and much smaller than many of the ships that travel up and down the Columbia River. It reminded me of some horror-at-sea movie I've seen! 
We have plans to sail up the river to Crims Island over Labor Day weekend with other folks from the local yacht club. It seems like I always work that particular weekend (and it's not a fun one to work in the ER). I think my husband volunteered us to play music there, too.


Lois0607 said...

The summer really is flying by - I love your work and your blog. See you at Effy's

Anonymous said...

love all of the various contributions from places I've yet to see...